Helping Healthcare Providers Succeed in Today’s Digital Landscape

We have produced cutting-edge healthcare IT solutions utilizing the most recent technologies- thanks to our in-depth domain knowledge and demonstrated expertise in healthcare IT consulting services.



    At Medphine, our specialized healthcare consulting services can help healthcare providers and leaders improve clinical and business performance while managing the impacts of health reform.

    • IT Technology: We take the time to comprehend best practices and offer in-depth experience when installing IT solutions that guarantee your firm is HIPAA compliant as a whole. You can align and combine your systems with our assistance.Your employees can reliably capture critical patient health information with the aid of our electronic health records (EHR) solutions, ensuring secure access to consolidated information and applications from any location. We continue to offer managed IT services on a regular basis to keep the clinic safe and enable the most effective operation possible.

    Our IT services may help you with:

    • Regulatory Compliance / HIPAA Assessments
    • Secure Data Management and Storage
    • Managed Cybersecurity Services
    • Network Monitoring and Management
    • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
    • Cloud Migration / Server Virtualization
    • Strategic IT Consulting

    Our RCM Products

    • Denial Management Software

    Streamline the workflow for claim and line level denials and get alerts on when to take the right step for faster claim resolution and resubmission. Soft, Hard, Clinical, and Technical/Administrative denials are just a few of the categories and denial code kinds that can be grouped using our denial management software.

    • AR Analyzer

    Improves departmental communication and eliminates inconsistent AR cycles, allowing you to look for and review information about particular patient accounts while complying with healthcare compliance updates.

    • Automate Patient Eligibility Verification 

    Helps in confirming patient insurance eligibility, streamlining the intake procedure, and doing away with the need for laborious human verification of new referrals. To guarantee that care delivery can start as soon as possible and that the right reimbursements go through on schedule, our patient eligibility automation solution fully eliminates the need to trawl through various systems of record.

    • Claim Check  

    Efficiently and clinically valid edits for automated claims coding verification to make sure the business is processing claims following industry norms. determines if the billable procedure codes differ from the patient’s age or gender in some way. 

    End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

    Our specialized RCM software solutions may streamline your billing and collections, whether you’re looking for an end-to-end RCM solution or need help, so you can deliver better service and get better financial results faster!

    • Medical Billing and Coding

    Your billing and coding processes would be streamlined by our team of Certified Professional Coders, Specialty Specific Coders, and Certified Professional Billers using HIPAA-compliant techniques. We offer the medical coding services required to guarantee that the greatest possible compensation is achieved for the services provided. We increase adherence to established procedures and reduce the possibility of coding errors.

    • Account Receivables and Follow-up

    By thoroughly examining the factors that are clogging the Account Receivables, our AR professionals aim to increase the practice’s revenue by an average of 10–20 percent. Every aspect of the AR follow-up process is optimized, from claim resubmission to denial management to patient collection, to guarantee a healthy revenue cycle. Together, our financial specialists and medical coders assist clients with their follow-up services for accounts receivable, speeding up the process and increasing income.

    • Insurance Credentialing

    We manage insurance credentialing for hospitals, doctors’ offices, and several other healthcare organizations. We will guide you through each stage of obtaining acceptance with an insurance payor from beginning to end. We put out a lot of effort to find and fix any potential administrative problems before they affect your provider reimbursements.

    Healthcare Technology: Automation, Machine learning

    We help organisations reinvent themselves, achieve better results, stay up with changing market needs, and have a significant beneficial impact on patients through our end-to-end capabilities in consulting, engineering, healthcare solutions, products, analytics, ML, and AI. ML supports human understanding across the healthcare industry, from predictive algorithms to warn clinicians of a potential heart attack to language processing tools that improve research.

    Digital marketing

    We can aid you in building a solid online reputation, attracting organic traffic, and easily converting visitors into customers whether you plan to sell medical items, provide medical services, advise, or support, or even if you aim to sell medical services and products. We incorporate feedback forms, quizzes, and appointment forms that assist you in attracting users and patients from across the nation. With the right audience, our professionals can develop ideas and design tailored, result-driven digital marketing campaigns for you.

    Strategy and consulting

    We provide a full range of IT consulting services, from security audits and compliance reviews to strategic IT planning and budgeting. Through the use of agile working practises, accelerated innovation, advanced digital transformation, evolving go-to-market strategies, and driving growth and portfolio strategy through M&A, our health care consulting teams assist clients in achieving the desired objectives.

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